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Haifa Travel gives visitors a glimpse at one of the prettiest cities in the country. The city is divided into three major topographical levels - the lower city is the center of commerce and industry, the middle level, which is an older residential zone and the upper level which consists of modern neighborhoods that naturally overlook the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.

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The Hotels

  • Carmel Forest Spa Resort
  • The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel
  • Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel, Eilat

With a healthy mix of old and new, along with many unique characteristics, Haifa Travel is an excellent idea for anyone looking for a variety of attractive spots to visit in northern Israel.

Major Haifa Travel sights you just can’t miss:

Bahai World Center

The spiritual and administrative heart of the Baha’i community, a faith that today is among the fastest of today’s world religions. Each year, the thousands of pilgrims who come to the center serve to further carry the essential message of the faith, which is global unity of the human race.

Stella Maris

At the western edge of Mount Carmel, you can visit the enchanting, nineteenth-century Carmelite Church and monastery of Stella Maris. It is owned by the Carmelites, a religious order of the Catholic Church which began in the 12th century.

Carmel National Park

Israel’s biggest national park became a symbol of beauty for good reason. Its forest, variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, wildlife, wonderful panoramic views and archeological sites go back to the beginning of time. Enjoy its scenic roads and hiking trails and come to understand why it is known worldwide as the “Mountain that is green all year round”.

Ein Hod Artists’ Colony

Atop a hill at the foot of Mount Carmel, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco built a place where they could work, build studios and workshops, and form a creative environment for art and art education. Ein Hod gradually transformed into the only artists' village in Israel where artists live and create in every artistic media from the visual arts, to theater, music and literature.

Haifa Travel can be very rewarding, uncovering more natural and historical secrets than you thought possible.

Make a reservation today and get one step closer to a dream vacation in Israel!


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