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The Galilee is one of the most peaceful areas in Israel. The unique combination of an exciting past and a tranquil setting is exactly what causes people to choose Galilee travel when coming to Israel. The Galilee is known also as Israel’s little “Tuscany” due to its boutique wineries, its green landscape and the laid back atmosphere.

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The Hotels

  • Carmel Forest Spa Resort
  • The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel
  • Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel, Eilat

Aside from its scenic beauty and mild climate, people from around the world arrive to the Galilee because of its spiritual importance and multitude of historical sites.

Major Galilee Travel sights you just can’t miss:


Located in the lower Galilee, lays a beautiful city which embraces several of the most important Christian sites in the world. It may be a city full of spiritual importance, but it is also a city with a rich history and vibrant Middle Eastern culture.


In a city synonymous with vacation, travelers can enjoy the unique tourist attractions within the city, dip in the fresh water of the Sea of Galilee or take a short ride to the nearby hot springs. For those looking for a more spiritual experience, Capernaum and Tagbha are just a few minutes away.


When you’re this high up, you can expect a heavenly experience. Safed has been a spiritual center for centuries and today it offers tourists a mix of spirituality and art. It is a city of history and tradition that is visible in every alleyway, stone house and ancient synagogue. 

Parks and Nature Reserves

Galilee travel offers nature lovers a one-of-a-kind experience. The Hula Nature Reserve, Banias Nature Reserve, Tel Dan Nature Reserve, Hurshat Tal and Kal'at Nimrod National Park are just some of the fascinating sights waiting for you in this magical region.

Galilee Travel can be very rewarding, uncovering more natural and historical secrets than you thought possible. 

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