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Eilat - a modern oasis on the shores of the Red Sea, one of the world's most spectacular underwater preserves, is a place of refuge as far as you can get in Israel, going south. The sun always shines and the sea is calm and blue in this resort town of some 20,000 well tanned residents of the city that actually has it all!

Choose to Have It All - Eilat Travel

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The Hotels

  • Carmel Forest Spa Resort
  • The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel
  • Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel, Eilat

Eilat has its shores on the red sea, one of the world's most spectacular underwater preserves, and exploring the depths can be by diving or snorkeling and observing the amazing coral reef. The calm surface of the sea is also ideal for boating activities and extreme water rides. Outside the water, exceptional restaurants and sizzling night life are all around. Many clubs and bars can be easily found throughout the city. Those interested in Eilat travel will find that the city has the largest amount of hotels and hostels per square foot, so you will be sure to find incredible accommodations.

Major Eilat Travel points of interest you just can’t miss:

Coral Beach Nature Reserve

With a snorkel, mask and flippers you can dive down and take in a spectacular combination of strange and beautiful corals that create colorful underwater ‘gardens.’ Enjoy swimming near a variety of wildly-hued tropical fish, including butterfly fish, parrot fish, Julie fish, nocturnal fish, and many other species. 

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Enter the amazing world of the Red Sea and view an extensive exhibition of fish and other living creatures, including a Shark Tank, Turtle and Stingray Pool and two underwater observatories.

Timna Natural Park

Moving a bit north out of the main Eilat travel area is worth your while if you feel like experiencing the endless desert; this part of the Negev offers wildlife reserves and an immense national park in Timna, where you’ll enjoy the colorfully striped sandstone, the famous Mushroom Rock and Solomon’s Pillars. 

Eilat Travel can be very rewarding, uncovering more natural and historical secrets than you thought possible.

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