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Haifa - a heavenly peninsula of breathtaking panoramas. The beaches along the beautiful Mediterranean, the handful of museums and of course the Baha'i Gardens are all great spots in the city - Hop in your car from your nearest Haifa car rental and see them all!

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The Hotels

  • Carmel Forest Spa Resort
  • The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel
  • Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel, Eilat

Visit the Druze and Bedouin villages offering colorful markets and trademark hospitality. Explore the slopes of Mount Carmel, the pine forests and the beautiful groves. From atop the Carmel, feast your eyes on the panoramic views, archeological remnants, holy sites and wildlife.

Although Haifa has many types of public transportation such as trains that reach most major cities in the North and in the South, buses going everywhere in the country and taxis for inner city commuting, there is nothing like independent travel. A private vehicle gives you unlimited freedom and allows you to cover a great amount of ground in a short period of time. Bear in mind that it also may be your only means of getting around, as is the case if you choose to stay at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, a location which is not fully accessible by public transportation. .

Israel’s increased investment into infrastructure has resulted in an advanced highway network, connecting all destinations throughout the country. This of course makes getting around much easier, just make sure to hit the road with the proper maps and any other additional road information the Haifa car rental agency can provide. This will it simply ensure you will arrive to your destination safely, while avoiding any unnecessary headaches.

The leading Haifa car rental agencies offer professional, reliable and the highest quality of services for private and corporate customers. With them, you will be able to select from a variety of high standard, fully equipped, air-conditioned vehicles, and enjoy a comfortable, safe and friendly experience.

We would like to assist you in selecting the right Haifa car rental agency, by presenting you with leading companies in the country. You are welcome to visit their website, make a reservation and enjoy the most attractive prices online.

Haifa Car Rental:

Avis Haifa

Hertz Haifa


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