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Essential Israel – Haifa, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Israel's 3 major cities – Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – are your "must sees" when traveling through the country. Different in nature but similar in interest and charm, these 3 cities will give you a good idea of today's Israeli lifestyle, character and culture.

Start your tour with a relaxing, rejuvenating stay of 3-4 days at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort near Haifa. Enjoy the wide variety of spa treatment, healthy gourmet cuisine, serene atmosphere and occasional walks in the surrounding Carmel Forest.

Haifa – 1-2 days:

Take a short drive through the beautiful scenic Carmel Mountain Road to Haifa University campus to begin your Haifa tour with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Haifa Bay and Western Galilee. Continue on to the golden domed Bahai Shrine to visit the exotic Persian Gardens. At the foot of Bahai Gardens lies Haifa’s picturesque German Colony, founded in the nineteenth century by German Christians known as the Templers. Many of its charming stone houses have been preserved, down to the original German biblical verses over some doorways and colorful floor tiles. Many now house the restaurants, galleries and gift shops that have made the quarter one of Haifa’s prime visitor attractions. Visit Stella Maris - The nineteenth-century Carmelite church and monastery, and the Louis Promenade.

Additional attractions in Haifa:

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art – Presenting more than 7,000 works of art, crafts, ceramics, lacquer, swords and other items dating mainly from the 17th to 19th centuries, and modern Japanese prints.

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum - Museum presenting the annals of the Ha’apala (clandestine immigration) operations designed to bypass the restrictions the British placed on immigration to the country.

Haifa Funicular - Cable car takes visitors from the northwest edge of the Carmel at Stella Maris to the end of the Bat Galim promenade and back. 


Tel Aviv – 3-4 days:

Drive to Tel Aviv via the Coastal Road (about 1.5 hour drive), to The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel, situated right at the beginning of Tel-Aviv's beautiful beach promenade and overlooking the Marina and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the Diaspora Museum; drive around the main streets of Tel Aviv, center of business and entertainment of Israel. Stop at Rabin's Square, place of assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Continue to Old Jaffa, an 8000 year old port city; visit the ancient ruins and walk along the restored artists' quarter. Visit Neveh Tzedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, built in 1909 and Nahalat Benyamin, the pedestrian street of the city, with its musicians, hand made jewellery and artifacts. Next, stop at Sheinkin, the lively and colorful street especially known for the unique shops, café life and youthful ambience. In the evening, enjoy Tel Aviv's world-famous night life, with gourmet restaurants, lively bars & pubs and sizzling clubs and dance bars.

Additional attractions in Tel Aviv:

Rothchild Boulevard - One of the city’s main arteries and all along it are historic buildings, cafes and main entertainment sites.

Azriely Observatory - An observatory situated on top of the Azrieli center, overlooking all of Gush Dan.

Carmel Market - A colorful, bustling market with a multitude of stalls offer a wide variety of goods, from inexpensive baby clothes to luxury-priced truffles.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - The largest art museum in Israel, with both permanent and periodically changing exhibits of artists from Israel and abroad.

Depart Tel Aviv by taking the Ayalon highway southbound, and highway no. 1 to Jerusalem. 


Jerusalem – 3-4 days:

Check in The David Citadel hotel. Enjoy the luxurious, high standard hospitality and a ravishing panorama of Jerusalem's Old City's walls and the Tower of David.

New City: Start at the Kotel (ancient Western Wall in the Old City) and proceed to Mea Shearim, to experience the unique lifestyle of the ultra orthodox Jewish communities. Drive by the Knesset, Israel's Parliament, and see the Menorah with the biblical emblems. Next, visit Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed and the new Holyland model – a miniature replica of Jerusalem as it was during the Second Temple period. Drive to Mount Herzl, the military cemetery, and Yad Vashem, the memorial of the Holocaust. Visit ammunition hill, a former Jordanian army stronghold, conquered by the Israeli army in the Six Day war and converted into a national memorial site and museum.

Old City: Start with a visit of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion. Walk along the Cardo, the ancient Roman road, visit the four Sepharadic synagogues restored after the 1967 war in the Jewish Quarter. Tour the Kotel Tunnels; visit Davidson Center and walk through the Roman Cardo to the local Arab Bazaar. Walk through Jaffa Gate to the Tower of David Museum – See the ancient remains of the city beginning in the First Temple period and enjoy the unique audio-visual spectacle in the evening.

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